Thursday, June 28, 2012

Does a dog protect your home? Open Thread

         "My dog will protect my home!"
This is a common response when we talk to people about how they protect their homes. But will your dog really attack an intruder if someone comes in to your home? We found this video showing some more common pet dogs doing their job, protecting their turf. 

We are opening up our blog to our readers. Tell us, do you think a dog is a good way to protect your home? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Home Security Test

                 "Do you consider security an important factor in family life?"

If you answered yes, then you should check out Robert A Gardner's Home Security Test. There are over 100 security checks to confirm that you have done all you can to secure your home. As you're reading over the list you should see that we have told you a lot of these crime facts before. Also even though this test is older, the tips are still the same too! The basics of home security are easy to follow. 

Are we saying that this is an exhaustive list or that you should do everything on the security test? No, but this is a great start to making sure your home is safe all around.

Did you think of a check that is not on the list? Post it in the comments below.
The only thing we would add to this list is Door Jamb Armor on all your exterior doors.