Friday, March 30, 2012

Police Endorse EZ Armor Door Security After Rigorous Test

Nashville, TN: Following a rash of kick-ins, the police in Buena Vista Township, Michigan, went out in search of some answers. They found the solution that they were looking for. They purchased the EZ Armor door security product at a local Lowe’s store and decided to put it through a rigorous test to see if the product actually worked as advertised. To their surprise, EZ Armor performed far beyond expectations and earned recommendations from several officers including the police chief himself. WNEM Channel 5, a CBS Affiliate in Saginaw, Michigan, ran the story as a “Does It Work” test and received a substantial response from viewers.

The bad economy has caused a national increase in burglaries, and situations like those in BV Township are happening more frequently everywhere. “They (kicked in my door) took some money and some personal things… To lie down in my bed and know someone had been in there, I was always looking around and waiting for them to come back. I just decided to move because I thought they would come back again,” said Ethelinda Taylor, a recent kick-in victim that was interviewed during the segment. While it may seem to be paranoia, Ms. Taylor is correct in believing that the thieves would likely return. FBI statistics show that a house that has been burglarized is more than 4 times more likely to be burglarized again.

Following the test, where they repeatedly kicked and hit the door with everything from concrete blocks to logs, the police were uniform in their praise of EZ Armor. Sergeant James Baker stands 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 295 lbs. After trying repeatedly to kick in a door equipped with EZ Armor he became a believer, “A lot of houses around here have old door jambs and after putting something like that on their door, I don’t think too many people would be able to kick it in.” After witnessing the test, Police Chief Brian Booker agreed “Security locks, this product here (EZ Armor), which is good, lighting and neighborhood watches. There are a number of things that you can do to keep yourself from being victimized.“

Armor Concepts CEO Alan Young responded to the story, ”This is pretty amazing because we did not even find out about this until two months after the spot aired. We have been challenging people to test our products and it’s great to see the reaction when a product like EZ Armor does everything we say it will and more. There are a lot of products out there that simply do not live up to their claims. It is great for people to see that police have thoroughly tested and recommend EZ Armor. That says more than we ever could.”

Armor Concepts LLC, develops, manufactures, and distributes door security and repair products. The company’s products have been featured on the CBS Early Show, NBC’s TODAY show, Fox News, Bloomberg, the Discovery Channel show, “It Takes a Thief”, HGTV, numerous local news segments and countless radio shows, national magazines and newspapers. Armor Concepts’ products are sold nationally through Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, Do-It-Centers, Grainger, Wilmar and numerous local hardware stores and locksmiths.

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